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Frequently Asked Questions (or F.A.Q)

1How can I trust you? Who are you? Why should I buy from you? How long you are in business? Convince me
We are in VPN business industry since 2007 and know everything about VPNs. Our company is registered in Canada with real physical address and there are real people behind this company. We have high speed servers, trained technicians and do everything we can to keep our infrastructure safe and healthy.
2Is it true Lifetime VPN? How you define Lifetime VPN Access? How does it work?
Definition: A Lifetime VPN Account will be valid for as long as 25 (twenty five) astronomical year, or as long as our company exists on the market or until a customer dies. Your VPN service will be terminated if any of the above events (25 yrs expiration, or company closure or death of a customer) happen first.
3How can you be profitable? Lifetime VPN is unsustainable business model?
Yes, a Lifetime VPN business model is profitable and it is sustainable. We have performed numerous calculations and with 100% certainty say that LIFETIME VPN is possible. We provide nothing attached, i.e. no-frills VPN services. We have fast servers and configuration instructions are posted on the website. Customers are responsible to configure VPN themselves without our help. We offer additional 24x7 Premium support from as low as $5 / monthly or $5 per support ticket.
4Why do you charge $$$ for support?
It is because we provide cheap, one time payment, VPN services. You pay for VPN - you get a working VPN account. If a customer requires help from our side - it needs to be paid. We offer flexible 24x7 Premium Support plans where customers can purchase monthly support subscription or pay per each ticket.
5How many VPN servers you have? How secure your servers are?
We have servers in the following countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Republic of Korea. The server fleet is growing and we post updates on our website. Please check for updates. Servers are constantly patched, updated and replaced in case of a failure.
6Other companies have hundreds or thousands servers (even in remote exotic countries). Why you don't match their numbers?
Don't trust them. They don't have servers in all countries they claim. In reality they have multiple racks in a datacenter and they have hundreds of IPv4 addresses. They simply obfuscate GEO location of their IP addresses and assign any "country" they wish. We don't do that. We have physical and real servers in all locations we claim.
7Why you don't have VPN apps?
Development work is in progress. Meanwhile please feel free to configure OpenVPN or L2TP/IPSec+PSK VPN manually. At this moment we have manual VPN setup instructions.
8Do you offer speed guarantees? Do you have SLA?
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. All connections from your location to our secure VPN servers are done through existing Internet lines. Unfortunately, there is no speed guarantees and there was no, there is no, and there will not be any SLA. If you loose some money because you were not able to connect to a VPN server - don't blame us. We will not reimburse your losses under any circumstances. The service is provided on AS IS and AS available basis, without any guarantees or whatsoever.
9If I loose $$$ because of your VPN, can I expect a compensation for my losses?
There is no SLA and no guarantees. Due to its nature - VPN connection reliability can not guaranteed and therefore we will not offer you any reimbursement or compensation for your potential losses.
10What is your refund policy?
Refunds are granted only if you are not able to configure VPN connection. A valid screenshot with error code or description must be provided. Reasons such as "I changed my mind", or shouting that "nothing works" are emotional and will not be considered as a reason for a refund.
11What is allowed and and what is not allowed to do through your VPN?
Allowed - everyday day to day web surfing, video streaming, Internet phone calls, online games etc. This service is NOT for online fraud, hacking, carding, spamming, terror acts, automated SEO robots, distributing child porno, harassing other Internet users, port scanning. You will not probe neither scan our servers for vulnerabilities. List of restricted activities is constantly updated and it is your responsibility to regularly check for updates.
12I have automated software which connects to VPN servers hundreds times per day. Is it allowed?
Generally speaking - no. You are not alone. Your automated software will be discovered very fast and service termination will occur and no refund will be issued.
13Do you log what your users do online?
No, we do not monitor what our users do online. However, you are encouraged NOT to scan or probe our infrastructure, neither use our servers to launch attacks against other online resources. We do not tolerate such behaviors and will terminate these users' VPN access immediately.
14I have "borrowed" credit cards or PayPal from my "friends", "brother/sister", "relatives" etc, i.e. I'm not a card holder. Can I pay you from these accounts?
We verify all orders and can easily discover fraudulent orders. Please refrain from submitting fraudulent orders.
15Do you accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies?
16Do you support VPN on modern WiFi routers? How can I configure your VPN on my WiFi router?
Yes, please feel free to contact our support. We charge $5 USD per support ticket.


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